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table harmony


We directly import premium ingredients and various products from overseas and distribute them at the most reasonable price.

We present the standard of true premium ingredients that will change the food culture in the modern era where food additives are prevalent.

Premium products that used to be delivered to 5-star hotels and high-end restaurants & bars are now available at home.

​Experience the true premium of Table Harmony.

As an official (exclusive) partner of Italian artisan companies in Korea, Table Harmony supplies all of the domestic distribution.


Less, but better



Premium Food Platform


This is a philosophy that Dieter Rams, a designer who represents minimalism, valued during his lifetime. Table Harmony intends to project the value of Less, but better into the food that designs our lives. Food made with natural ingredients and the efforts of the maker. Food that connects people and makes us better. It starts with Table Harmony.

​Table Harmony has been supplying products to premium channels such as domestic 5-star hotels, department stores, fine dining restaurants, and bars for many years. Based on organic mutual trust and excellent products, we are building a new concept distribution platform to supply premium ingredients more conveniently and safely.

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